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What you Pay: Membership fees for 6 months period is 15 US$

What you get:
Your profile will be displayed in the site for an unlimited period.
You can display your photo.
With the login password you will be able to open the hidden Telephone Nos. in the profiles. There is a limitation for this. You may view 20 Nos. for a period of 15 days. The total you can view during the 6 months is 240. Your PASSWORD for this purpose will expire in 6 months.

To whom you are paying:
Before making the payment please be confident that you are making a payment to a trusted matrimonial service.

Refund Policy:
We have allowed you to use this site for 45 days as a free member. If you are satisfied with the sites functions only you need to pay this money and continue with the membership. Even after paying money still if you are not 100% satisfied with the service, we will refund the whole amount within 7 days of the date of payment.

Click the Pay Now button to start the payment process

From here onwards you will be directed to a secure PAYPAL page. You disclose your card details only on the secure PAYPAL page. Your card details will not be available to us. Therefore you need not worry to disclose card details there. Your payment will be collected under our parent business name Excel Data Bank . After making your payment please follow the instructions given below.


For your convenience we have displayed below, few screen shots of the Paypal process, which you will come across in next steps. The screen shots what we have provided here may have changed over the time as Paypal changes them regularly. Please take them as a guidence only.

Step 1 - In some cases you might get a page all in french language. If that happened click the link indicated in the image step 1.
Step 2 ­ Please select your country where you obtained your Card.
Step 3 - Fill your card details and address here and click “Review order and continue”
Step 4 - Here you must click the link “Special instructions to merchant”
Step 5 - Please type your email address or membership No. here and click to save. This is very essential; otherwise we do not know who has made the payment. Then you may click the “Pay Now” button which you will find at far below on the same page.
Step 6 - Here you must click the link “Return to subasaranachat” and return to the site.

It is important you complete this whole process, for you to confirm the payment

After making the payment it is mandatory that you contact us by phone on +94-77-6941227. If not your registration could not be verified.

( Beween 9.00AM and 4.30PM IST )

Secure Payment Process